Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vegetarian Travel: Orlando and Miami day 2-6

 Orlando day 2
After shopping at a huge outlet mall we stopped at the food court which had the usual fast food places such as pizza, steak, chinese and sandwich spots but tucked in the corner was a place called freshens which served fresh salads, wraps and healthy smoothies. 

The Acai energy smoothie was great!
I ordered a garden veggie wrap on whole wheat.  This was filled with lettuce, sprouts, carrots, tomato, avocado, and hummus.  It was great having a healthy option among all of the junk that was in this food court.

Orlando day 3
After a busy afternoon and a movie we ordered Chipolte for lunch. This Mexican inspired fast food restaurant is known for using organic and local produce and dairy products without synthetic hormones.  

All I have is the napkin.  I was so ready to eat that I forgot to take pictures.  I ordered a bean burrito with tomato, lettuce, rice, and guacamole.

For dinner we went to a Mediterranean restaurant called Taverna Opa...It was a crazy place. People were dancing on the tables and the servers were throwing napkins in the air which landed all over the floor.  


The pita bread was great and so was the hummus which we made at the table by crushing chick peas

I ordered a vegetarian platter which had grilled vegetables, french fries, and served on pita bread.

The floor of the restaurant

Miami Beach day 4

We took a bus from Orlando to Miami which was about a 4 hour ride.  We went to Subway for a sandwich to eat on the bus.  This was my first time eating a Subway sandwich and I really did not like it at all.  I thought the bread was yeasty-doughy and tasted under baked which for me ruined the sandwich.  

Dinner was in Miami Beach a a Mexican restaurant.  Unfortunately dinner was not that great.

This version of Chile  Relleno was extremely bland.  The service was really bad as well which didn't help.

Miami Beach day 5

Usually I would have cereal and fruit or granola and yogurt for breakfast on this trip but I had a real breakfast on this day.

I have had better pancakes...

Since we were going to the beach we decided to get a lunch to take with us and found something to eat at Whole Foods.

Honey Sesame Tofu Sticks
These were good.  The black specks are black sesame seeds. The tofu was marinated in a soy ginger sauce.

Sesame noodles
These noodles were very bland 

Kale Salad
Lightly seasoned but hit the spot

Fruit salad

Miami Beach day 6

For breakfast I got a protein shake from a local juice shop.

We took a ride to Coconut Grove and ate at a chain restaurant (Cheesecake factory) for lunch. I had a salad and pizza.  The salad was great but the pizza was not.

While on vacation I had a few treats:

 Onion rings 
These were from Serendipity and were excellent

Gelato- Hazelnut and pistachio

Passion fruit iced tea from Starbucks