Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vegetarian Travel: Orlando Florida day 1

In February I went on a little vacation with my dear friend to Florida and I wanted to document the eating options I had as a vegetarian while traveling with non-vegetarians. It is important to be flexible when you are the only vegetarian in a group of diners as well as have your dietary restrictions respected and understood.  This might mean that an all you can eat seafood restaurant may be out of the question or you can ask the restaurant staff  if there are appetizers or starters which are vegetarian or can be made vegetarian.  The following are the meals I had while in Orlando:

Day 1

Dinner was at a Colombian restaurant called Oh Que Bueno with only a few vegetarian options.  I ended up ordering 3 side dishes.

Passion Fruit iced drink-no alcohol

  Ensalada:  This salad was huge and for 3 bucks it was a
 good deal but was only iceberg lettuce so it was nutritionally vacant but had
 plenty of fiber and the dressing was a tasty chimichurri sauce.

Arepitas (corn cakes) and Beans: The server assured me that the beans  and corn cakes
 were free of lard, chicken stock, and were completely
vegetarian friendly.  The beans were very tasty.... the corn cakes were not.
Unfortunately the corn cakes where as hard as a hockey puck and had no flavor.